Scheduling Reports

Reports are used in many different ways, including to update non-Testuff users - managers and clients for example. We already have a Share option on each report, and created reports can be saved for fast & easy future access. And now we introduce a new feature for report scheduling. Schedule any report to be sent [...]

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Better Test Management Testing Tool Experience

There may be no visible changes, but there were many of them this month. All will improve your Testuff experience. Infrastructure enhancements Bug fixes Servers software upgrades Performance improvements Enjoy Testing, The Testuff Team Testuff. We Believe In Testers.

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Integration with other Project Tools

Testuff test management was always about adjusting itself to your software project. It might sound obvious, but in many cases it’s you that needs to adjust to a tool… One of the important parts of this strategy is integrations. Since we’ve started we made sure to support as many integrations, to other tools, as we [...]

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New year treats on Testuff new version

The last version for 2018 includes enhancements made for you, to start a better testing 2019. New Lab reports, Progress and Burn down, and other changes, will get you going with the new testing projects ahead of you in the new year. We’re already on the next version, so stay tuned for more exciting news. [...]

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Better exploratory testing experience

When it comes to exploratory testing, the quality of a test management tool is measured by two main criteria: - Speed. The tester’s valuable time must be used and managed as efficiently as possible. You want a tool that allows users to easily and quickly start testing. - Documentation. The extent, ease, and depth with [...]

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Managing Your Requirements

Managing requirements is an important part of your testing project. Testuff enables you to create (or import) your requirements, under a dedicated requirements module, and to follow up on their test coverage. Requirements can be created with a hierarchy, to group related requirements, and better follow up on tests covering certain areas of your software. [...]

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Manage Your Testing Teams

At Testuff, we have many large-scale customers. These are customers with a long list of testers, all using Testuff test management tool for their testing. This month’s updated version of Testuff, includes a new way to manage such large testing groups. You can now create Teams, and easily manage the testers-projects relationship you need. This [...]

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Less Time Wasting, More Time Testing

On this month’s version of Testuff test management, we’ve made a few changes to the Labs area. Nothing is never too small or marginal when it comes to improving your experience and making sure you waste as little time as possible on test management, and more time on actual testing. We also introduced a few [...]

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Better Defects Management

As a comprehensive test management solution, Testuff includes much more than just test management. Our extra modules, for requirement and defect management, enable our users to fully manage a testing project in one place. These modules keep growing and are enhanced constantly, and we are happy to introduce on this month version, a set of [...]

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Testuff has it all. We make it easier to find it.

Last month’s work included much work on infrastructure and behind-the-scene improvements. We are keeping things top-level with security, performance and DRP, etc. Things you can’t see but are no less crucial. This did not stop us from continuing our everlasting journey, and the list below proves it. A few more enhancements to improve your Testuff [...]

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