Tests. The Foundation Stone of Your Testing.

Your testing starts with... Tests. That’s where the kick-off is: creating your test tree, building your repository. Basic. And with our new version, you have new features and options, allowing you to better manage your tests - be it writing, assigning, or auditing them. As always, there’s much more in this version. Stuff that we [...]

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Designing from the Tester’s View

We never get tired of making Testuff a better test management tool. Doing so is better for us (the provider) and better for you (the tester). Our focus has always been on making the platform faster, easier to use, and more effective. And we also know you need to have your attention on the tested [...]

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The Best Bug Trackers Integration

We feel confident to say it. Our tracker’s integration is a real two-way integration for years now, and we’ve now made it even better, with a new synchronization feature which makes sure you can send and receive the latest updates and changes, made to a defect, on either Testuff or your bug tracker. Our 104th [...]

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Better Reporting ; Better Testing

With better reports, testing gets better. When you have a way to get a good view of what’s already done and what’s left and waiting still, a view of the results and the progress made, you can make better decisions. That goes to your requirements coverage as well. We’ve done some changes, that may look [...]

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All Bases Loaded

We’ve covered many areas of Testuff test management this month. You’ll easily notice that as always, the changes included are designed to make your work easier, faster and better. It can be a major change (i.e. new tracker integration - LeanKit) or a minor change (i.e. assigning executed tests to the same tester again) - doesn’t [...]

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Reports Available by Date Range

When working with our users, we can always find new ideas for new stuff on Testuff. Even after so many years, there are always those things that can make a user’s life easier, work done faster. It’s exciting for all of us here, working with you and for you. We are also busy with a [...]

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New screen design, New tracker integration, Better performance

Our 100th consecutive-on-time monthly version. A great achievement of everyone involved, and that includes…. You, the user. As a company whose users are testers and developers, we are privileged in two ways - our users can help us build our application with solid, sound advice and at the same time they can appreciate what it [...]

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Reporting Made Easier

The first 2017 monthly version (our 99th consecutive-on-time version) is in the air. Our team is energetic and up-to-the-challenges as always, and even more so. The version includes improvements to the reporting options - new reports were added, generating the reports is easier with the new UI, filtering options are now included and there’s more. [...]

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Preparing Testuff for Your (Better) 2017 Testing

We’re excited to release 2016 last monthly version. In recent months, we’ve been lucky to welcome many new clients with extra-large number of users, therefore we have implemented a few enhancements dedicated to make these groups work with Testuff test management easier, efficient and convenient. You’ll notice that the reports module of the desktop version [...]

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Listening to Our Users

Our focus this month has been on users-input-based changes to the Web app. The goal is to make it easier to work with, having the users knowing where they are, what are they doing and how can they do it. We’ve been busy with some major changes to the reports area, and we expect these [...]

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