Customize your Overview Dashboard

Trying (hard) to keep things as usual... Simply working to make Testuff test management better for you. And this month we introduce the first step of the new Overview screen, featuring a new customization option. Select your overview data, for whatever you need to review - whatever helps you manage your testing projects. We'll [...]

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Trackers integration enhanced in Corona days

Odd times these are, but we continued as usual and worked mainly on further improving the integration with bug trackers, and other tools. Our unique two-way integration was also extended to include the Requirements module. We are working for you 24/7 as we have always have. Keep safe Enjoy Testing, The Testuff Team Testuff. We [...]

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Get more done with our open API

Our open API has been serving users for years now, but we've noticed a spike in usage in recent months. Listening to our users, as always, we have therefore upgraded our API documentation to include all of the available resources, in a user-friendly way, which includes an option to execute calls on screen. Check [...]

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Two-way Integration with your tracker

For many years, our bug-trackers two-way integration, is leading the industry and showing how to create a real and useful solution for working with different testing tools within the software testing project. And we're still improving it. Not only you can submit defects from Testuff directly to your tracker, including mapping of [...]

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Software solutions are more than what meets the eye

A software testing tool, or any software to this matter, is not only what the user sees as the end result. There are many other parts behind it, which support this end result. End users do not bother themselves - rightfully so - what happens in the engine room. But we do (for them), otherwise, [...]

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Software Changes Through the Years

Testuff was first launched as a desktop client solution, that's back in 2008. We've added a web-app option about 5 years ago, and were since seeing most users prefer it over the desktop (even though both have the same features and capabilities). It symbolizes the changes software has been going through the years - from [...]

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High Level Management

Our new monthly release (it’s the 132 consecutive, on-time, meaningful monthly version. But who’s counting...) presents an additional approach enabling the testing managers, to better oversee the whole testing efforts as done across the different projects of their organization. We’ve added new reporting levels for project and account. This allows researching the activities [...]

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Bug Trackers Two-way Integration

You already know that Testuff test management integrates with many tools (any automation tool, over 30 trackers). And you know this integration is a unique two-way integration. Now we’ve made it even better. It started with Azure DevOps last month and this month we’ve implemented the new approach into our Jira Bug Tracker integration. Here’s [...]

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Test Management, Part of the Software Development Project

Software testing is never done for the purpose of testing. It is always a part of our desire to create great software solutions, applications and tools. It applies to test management tools as well - these are never used alone. They are a part of the whole software project set of tools. This is the [...]

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Summer Edition

Summer (for most of our users at least, sorry all of you in the south hemisphere…) is always a good time for vacations. That is for our users... we’re here, working for you, so when you’re back Testuff will be ready for you, as it always is, just better. So our main focus this month [...]

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