For us it is an exciting day.
Our new website is ‘live’, after we’ve completed the long and hard work on it. We are proud of it already …
We hope that our site visitors will enjoy the new look, new improved navigation, and will find it easier to learn all about our products. If you ever worked to launch a new website for yourself, or your company, then you must know how much work there’s on the details, how much attention it needs and how important it is.
Well, for us this was the case.

In our design process, we were conscious about our two types of website visitors – new users, trying to learn about Testuff, making the initial decision to give it a try, and then our customers, getting back to the site for more information, mainly visiting the online-guide.

The redesigned site reflects our desire to build a good relationship with a new audience right from the starting point. The site designers kept it fun looking and simple with a user friendly approach. Exactly as Testuff test management is.

Send us your feedback. Good or bad. If you’re a customer, or had experience with how we work, then you should know we take this feedback seriously, working to improve by it. We are also conducting A/B testing, to see what works best for you and for us.

We thank all of those who worked to make it happen

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