Whilst many were busy on summer vacation, we have been working hard at Testuff….for you.
The new version (Testuff 1.21) includes quite a number of new features, user interface improvements and many new reports (not to mention bug fixes).
As always much of this was based on customer feedback, so go on and keep sending them.

So, what’s on the list?

Status (Stage) field  for defects – now you can set and track your defects status in Testuff

Many new customer-requested Reports:

  • Lab by suite
  • Lab time tracking
  • Branch by suite
  • Requirements
  • Test Category
  • Defects in a suite

And much more: 

  • Defect and correlating Failed test, now shown in web portal. easily share these over the web.
  • Improved integration with Trac, support multiple projects and custom fields.
  • Easier management of Test category.
  • More information about Test hierarchy in the Test Runner.

Tips of the month:

  1. Copy & paste does miracles in Testuff. Use it for a test or a suite, or even a group of them (ctrl and shift work). It works between branches and projects as well.
  2. Soft-Link is a great tool for better structuring and organizing of your testing.