Middle of the summer, at least for all of our customers in this half of the world (not forgetting all of you in the southern hemisphere :-) and we are running business as usual here at Testuff.
The new version 1.20 includes a few new features and some additional fields. A lot of the work was based on user feedback in the last month, and we are sure you’ll be happy with these enhancements. You have asked for them…

The new version includes:

  • Enhanced work planning option – Assign tests directly from the Tests tab.
  • Create new Lab simplification. Now allowing better granularity based on previous lab results.
  • New test category field to tests, allowing better planning and grouping.
  • Further interface improvements based on user feedback:
  1. Test update date field added to the test details window.
  2. View linked defects for test runs via the right-click menu.
  3. Right-click a test to set its priority.
  4. Branch list is now displayed by reverse creation order.

Many thanks to our users for providing feedback and working together with us to improve Testuff

Feel free to contact us if you have any other ideas and feedback or if you have any question (drop us an email at support@testuff.com).