You are bound to like this one. Testuff 1.24 latest version includes a new feature, called Labels, which will help you to better manage, group, search and plan your testing.
Now there’s a way to practically add any field name to a test, easily as always at Testuff.

This “Star feature” is just starting its way, and we are working already to add to it and enhance it further in the coming versions. Truth is that we need your input on it, before anything :-)

Of course there are a few other new things:

  • Enhanced Permissions options:
    • Two New user types – Test Writer and View only
    • Additional selection of Run tests + Test writer types together
  • New Custom fields added to Mantis integration
  • New Suite Report, with a breakdown by its sub-suites.

Visit our Website for a full list of the new features.
Don’t forget, while there, to take a look at the News pages. We also recommend to get familiar with our Status pages on the site, maybe even register to get RSS updates.

We have one version left to complete a successful 12-cool-versions-2010 year. There’s always something to wait for.

Tips of the month:
  1. Reminder – Watch for the   icon for more information
  2. Click on a column’s title to sort the table by this column