What a month, what a version. We’ve been productive, managing to complete some really exciting new features for you. Many of them will directly help you with your daily work and testing routine. These are not just bells-and-whistles features. Check the new Messages feature on Testuff, the Labels on defects or even the simple copy and paste of text on the Test Runner. And then there’s more.
I hope you’ll find them all useful.
Meanwhile, our web version is making much progress. The first phase was released to customers, and we have some great feedback. We will soon release the second phase and will be very close to completion of a full working web version.
As we say, there always something to wait for with Testuff…

Here’s the full list of new stuff on the version:

  • Messages: Communicate with your colleagues in Testuff. Use the new messages icon to send a message to any of the project’s team members.
  • Defects Screen enhancements:
    • Labels: Enjoying the labels on tests? You can now work with labels on defects as well, organizing them better, making the most out of the Defects Module.
    • Add a screenshot while editing a defect. The defect editor now includes our screenshot-capture feature.
  • Usability improvements:
    • We listen to our users: one of the top requests is now available. You can select text in the Test Runner, to copy & paste it. Things just got easier and faster.
    • Pages navigation now includes first/last page navigation for easy access.
    • Video Recorder and Player buttons improved.
  • New Data on reports:
    • Comments now show on the executed test report
    • Last run status and date fields added to the backup file and the suite Print–>To Excel
  • Rally: submitting the user story field is now supported in the Bug Reporter. This enables Rally users to link the defect to the selected user story on their Rally
  • My Tasks: Priority field added as a new filter option

Visit our Website for a full list of all new features in all versions since 2007.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.

* Take a look at the list of tips we gathered here, for your convenience.