• Managing requirements is an important part of your testing project. Testuff enables you to create (or import) your requirements, under a dedicated requirements module, and to follow up on their test coverage.
  • Requirements can be created with a hierarchy, to group related requirements, and better follow up on tests covering certain areas of your software. There are specific reports for requirements, which allow additional views of your progress and requirements status, filtered and cross-matched with other parts of the testing elements.
  • Assigning tests to the requirements is quite easy. You have your list of available tests, which can be filtered by many fields and criteria, and then it’s a one-click-action to assign them.
  • Any reported defect on a test from the suite is registered as related to this requirement. It will show up in the coverage table and the requirement’s statistics data.

New on this version

We’ve now improved one of the test assigning options: Linking Suites To Requirements. A suite can be linked to a requirement (or many requirements), and its tests will be then automatically assigned to the requirement. This is a dynamic linkage: add a test to the suite and it will be added to the requirement (same goes for removing a test of course). Add a new sub-suite, and you don’t need to worry about assigning its tests to the relevant requirements, as it is done automatically for you.

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

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