At Testuff, we have many large-scale customers. These are customers with a long list of testers, all using Testuff test management tool for their testing. This month’s updated version of Testuff, includes a new way to manage such large testing groups. You can now create Teams, and easily manage the testers-projects relationship you need. This is a cross-level feature, meaning you can assign a tester to teams, or a team with testers, and select which projects will include which teams.
Easier, faster, better resources management.
The new version includes of course other changes and enhancements, all designed to help you with your testing.

Here’s the list of enhancements for this month’s version:

Manage Testing Teams

Testers Teams: Create teams of testers and assign teams to projects for better resource management.

  • Go to the new Manage teams option.
  • Create a team and assign testers to it.
  • Assign a team, or teams, to a project (or projects).
  • You can still assign specific testers (instead of teams, or as an addition to the selected team/s).

More in this version:

  • My Tasks:
    • Filters: You can now select to Include the sub-labs when filtering for labs. Refine your filters for best results.
    • The exact location (path) of each lab, including its parent labs, if any, are now included on the tasks.
  • Requirements: Export to Excel of the coverage table includes the requirements’ description.
  • Overview: The Labs statistics are now links, presenting the list of tests. Turning views and follow up tables to working tools.

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

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