We are always searching for ways to make Testuff easy to use. This was our main reason for creating it 10 years ago, since we were unable to find such a test management tool for our own projects. But making things simple, intuitive, and easy to use, is not obvious at all. Building a tool that includes all capabilities, features and options, anything a user might need, and at the same time, designing it to have that simplicity of use, was – and still is – our greatest challenge. Some changes may seem minor, but they’re the ones that make the difference between a good tool and a great tool, and that’s what we always aim for. This month’s changes are no different.

Here’s the list of enhancements for this month’s version:

Share Information

Sharing is great they say… so we’ve added a share option to a whole suite, and to the test itself. Easily get a link to share with colleagues, even ones with no Testuff access.

Tests Custom Fields

The recently added Custom fields on tests, made easier to use. Filter tests using their custom fields data for better test management and assignment.

More in this version:

  • Bug Trackers Integration Improvements
    • Freshdesk: Mapping and reporting of Freshdesk custom fields is now supported. Add your tracker’s fields to the Bug Reporter and make your reports detailed, accurate and relevant.
    • Jira: New field types supported
      • “Tempo Timesheets” plugin fields
      • Userpicker
      • Multiuserpicker
  • Suite Audit: Suite level audit details are now showing, under the suite’s menu. Keep track on who did what, and when.
  • Those little things that makes life easier (Web App):
    • The list of linked requirements, in the test’s properties window, is now a direct link to the requirement.
    • The list of users, under the account’s settings screen, can be filtered by the user’s name. Great way to manage your users, when the list is long.
    • Requirements: Details of the tests with wontdo status, shows now separately, with all other statuses. You have a better understanding of your requirements coverage.

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

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