Our focus this month has been on users-input-based changes to the Web app. The goal is to make it easier to work with, having the users knowing where they are, what are they doing and how can they do it. We’ve been busy with some major changes to the reports area, and we expect these to be released in the next monthly version, together with additional enhancements as always.
Stay tuned. You’ll be starting 2017 with yet an even better test management solution.

Here are this monthly version new enhancements:

  • Web App: UI changes for easier and faster navigation and orientation
  • Test Editor:
    • Wrap text to use as-is (Insert code to text). Great for adding code or HTML in the test.
    • Filtering now available when selecting a test label
  • Requirements: New Nest under in the Add from tracker feature. Import your requirement directly to its end destination.

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Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.