There’s a lot in a test management tool, many features, many options. Any Testuff user knows that they can work and perform the whole process with it – from requirements to test repository, from planning to defect reporting. It’s all there, and more.
However, it all comes down to test execution. That’s why we’re all here for… running the tests and making sure we provide the best applications to the end-users.
So this month we have worked to further improve the Labs area, where one would plan the testing and usually execute the tests. You’ll find that these improvements are directed on making your work easier and faster. It’s those little things that matter.

Our web client introduces another great option, for all those of you that prefer working in their own language. We have users from all over the world, countries representing many different languages. It was always possible to write in your language, and it is now also your decision whether to switch the application interface to that language. Work in your comfort zone. The first to be introduced is German, however more are soon to come (Spanish and French are two to mention).

We plan to continue and enhance our two test management versions, and the load testing service. Stay tuned.

Here’s the list of changes for this month’s version:

  • Languages: The web version available now in German.
  • Labs:
    • A new lab can be now created while in the process of assigning tests to a lab. It works from all screens, no need to go back and forth to the labs screen.
    • Better organization: Labs can be now sorted by ABC or by date of creation.
    • Labs can be now copied between branches. While creating a new branch, with tests from an existing branch, you can copy labs, using their IDs. This will help you to get going immediately with the new branch testing, as test assignments will be automatically created.
    • The ‘Operate on all’ link in the View testers tests tab includes now an option to reassign with no tester.
  • Time Management: Actual run time can be changed and better controlled. An audit trail is included, to record any such change.
  • The notification icon is now showing on the home screen for easier access (desktop client).

Visit our Website for more details.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.