Within the software test management world, there exist a range of different bug trackers – from internal customized systems to open source options to high quality commercial trackers.

Each serves a purpose, depending on the exact needs, wants, and desires of both the software testers and the development team.

However, with this variety comes certain limitations. For although the basic logic behind bug trackers remains the same across most platforms, the details vary enough that seamlessly switching back and forth has been a huge obstacle for most software testers and developers.

It’s analogous to hopping around the globe with a dying cell phone and a charger that only fits US plugs.

Once You Pick A Bug Tracker, You’d Better Stick with It

Against this backdrop, the general wisdom has always been, “once you adopt a bug tracker, it’s very difficult to switch… so choose wisely.”

And yet, most of us have to switch every now and then. What if:

  • You have to upgrade to a new software testing platform that doesn’t support your older bug trackers? Do you lose all that information?
  • You have teams and/or clients spread around the globe, each of whom uses a different bug tracking system?
  • Your current bug tracker can’t handle an upcoming project – or worse still, your current bug tracker goes defunct (this happens quite often in the open source world when people stop contributing)?

There are 101 different reasons why you might want to switch. The list is endless.

Well, at Testuff, we have some exciting news to share – a new feature that arose directly because of feedback from users like you.

We’d like to introduce the world’s very first software test management tool that supports simultaneous integration with multiple bug trackers, regardless of your preferences.

In layman’s terms, Testuff Version 1.49 (due early next week) represents the software testing world’s first “universal bug tracking adapter.”

One Platform to Rule Them All – Lord of the Trackers

Through this transparent and seamless integration, you can now:

  • Work with zero, one, or several bug trackers simultaneously across multiple groups of clients, testers, and developers. Each team might speak a slightly different “tracking” language, but Testuff ensures a common tongue. This is ideal for testing firms that remotely service developers around the globe – each of whom uses slightly different trackers.
  • Safeguard all prior work, no matter how many times you switch to a new tracker. It doesn’t matter if the development team upgrades or the testing team downgrades. Testuff’s unified platform ensures that all data can be safely stored and retrieved for future use, regardless of the bug tracker(s) involved.

This special integration is groundbreaking.

Needless to say, we’re extremely excited about this development and hope to hear your feedback ASAP. We believe that this unique approach to interoperable, simultaneous bug tracking will make your own software testing and development even more enjoyable (and productive).

Take it for a spin – 30-days for free. And with the comment form below, let us know what you think.

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