We all have a tendency, or a need, to improve things. We want the results to be better, and then better. Sometimes, that extra touch, that extra effort, ends up with a great outcome, but in other cases it turns to be a setback for something that was working fine before.
Think of the software you use (any of them). It’s working for you fine for a long time now. You know that there are other solutions, better, easier and probably cost less, but you’re afraid to ‘break things’ if you start a change process.

Should you be afraid? We believe you shouldn’t. Excellence is NOT the enemy of the very good. Excellence is what you expect from yourself, and what your customers are expecting from you. To be able to get there, you need to constantly improve, looking for better ways, better solutions, better… everything.
The drive and strive to excellence will get you closer to it. It’s a never-ending process, internal and external to your organization, on every aspect of the work done. We recommend reading ‘From good to great’ (a great book :-) which talks about how companies get to be great and not ‘just’ very good. Good stuff.

From SVN to GIT
These thoughts came after the discussions we had here in recent months, before deciding to switch from SVN to GIT.
SVN was working for us just fine for years. Ours needs grew but did not outgrow it. Meanwhile, new solutions showed up in the market, suggesting there are better ways to manage our development.

The methodology we use on development is manageable with SVN. With the evolution of GIT in the industry, it being used by so many groups and its fast progress and improvement it just seemed to be the right thing to do for the future. A way to make sure we work in the best possible way, decentralized, smarter, faster.

This is just an example. We are always on the look for improvements; changes that can help us create better tools and give better service.

How about you?

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