We’ll take a short break from the SaaS series to talk about something else that I and my colleagues really care about at Testuff – Usability.

Many of our users notice how simple Testuff is to use, that you really don’t need to read the Testuff help section to wrap your brain around it. We love it and are always on the look out how to make things even simpler especially if we get to try out cool new and intuitive design patterns.

Sometimes however usability goes wrong. Take a look at this screenshot and immediately answer the following questions: Which links have already been visited?

The immediate answer will probably be the gray links, right? Wrong! It’s the black ones I’ve already visited.

Why did you think this way? Probably because you associated the gray color with disabled controls in software, generally with old stuff, with the past. The black, in this context at least, looks like the shiny new fresh from the print links.

This is actually quite an embarassement for a website about design, but that’s life, and even Testuff has bugs :) I understand that they wanted colors to fit the website color scheme, and even though black is generally a bad color for links a reversal of the link visited/unvisited colors could do the site well. The interviews on that page are fascinating though!

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