As a company, which develops tools and services for the software testing industry, it is important for us to follow up on its trends and future predictions.

We like to think that since we are part of this industry, and have a dialog with others in it (such as customers, experts, competitors and others), we know what’s currently going on and where is it going to (as much as this can be known). However, it’s always good to get some feedback on this “knowledge” from researchers, who study the industry in a more methodological and thorough way.

The most common prediction is getting more and more votes. A recent study by TechNavio Insights shows that testing – like many other software development units (and IT to this matter) – it is moving to the cloud.

Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? It’s Testing

The general term of Cloud hides behind it a few different terms related to testing. There’s the SaaS (Software as a Service), the TaaS (Testing as a Service) and the PaaS (Platform as a Service, on-demand application development platform). The new research shows that many companies, including big-size ones, understand the importance and the opportunities of the Cloud and are building their services to be available in this new form.

This goes even further when we look at new offerings (from new or existing companies) that are designed to be used as over-the-net, SaaS, Cloud applications (and you can pick your favorite term). Obviously customers are not happy to pay anymore the amounts previously paid for software, in advance, and then to add servers, people to maintain them, yearly application maintenance, upgrades, etc. Why should they, if they can subscribe rather than buy, pay for the usage only rather than commit and at the same time save all the hassle of installations.

What started with the hardware is very quickly spreading to software, and specifically to software testing. Look at all the tools available now online – test management, bug trackers, automation, mobile units virtualization, project management. You name it. So far it was the new small and mid-size vendors, but we expect the big players to join. They have no other choice. 

Need for Proof

Of course. Vendors of software testing application will have to stand to the same quality those “regular” apps have. Security has to be even tighter, and performance and availability must be superb. The challenge is huge, even before mentioning the different approach to service (including support, upgrades and on-going maintenance) that these vendors have to adopt.

Unlike installed solutions, the ease of switching to another solution provider in the Cloud will enforce vendors to take their standards to a higher level – at least those who will want to stay in the game.

It’s the golden era for customers – they will soon get better solutions, easier to manage, better services and in a lower price. The opportunities for customers are huge – solutions of TaaS will enable them to re-size their testing teams at will and reduce costs significantly. They will be able to use many testers in a short notice and for a limited time and perform much of the testing efforts faster. We believe there will be vendors offering solutions, which will be combination of community access (testers) and products (testing platforms and solutions).

Software testing has a bright future. After recognized in the past few years as an important part of the development effort, testers being part of the project teams and participating in all phases starting with the design, we will see more companies doing testing (easier and cheaper), doing more testing (testers available online and on-demand), using Cloud based solutions for the testing process.

We’ll be there.

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