2010 is on the move, and our 2nd version of the year is already here!
V 1.15 was just released and is now available.

The current version includes many server side improvements for better performance, data integrity, security and availability. This is a part of a planned process to improve the Testuff user experience and provide a more solid and robust backbone.

Other changes included in this version:

* Improved server architecture for better availability and redundancy
* More reports – view all defects linked to test or a group of tests
* Gemini integration changed to use password instead of an API key
* Easily mark tests as Approved with one simple right-click
* Better user experience when data is retrieved
* Improved Twistuff statistics notifications

Check out all of Testuff versions on our website and see the list of enhancements, improvements and changes we’ve made to Testuff so far.

As always, we’d like to thank our users for providing feedback and
working together with us to improve Testuff. Feel free to contact us if you have any other ideas and feedback or if you have any questions at support@testuff.com.