When Testuff was established the founders discussed what would be the right model for it. SaaS (Software as a Service) was the lucky winner. The decision was made since we figure that small companies don’t like and can’t afford to keep lot’s of servers around. They take up maintenance time, machines and  IT guys cost money, and all in all cause an obstruction from the main gig, from testing.

Also, we had the exemplary success of Salesforce.com, a hosted CRM service. We figured if people are willing to host data about their customers online, one of the most valuable assets of a company, they shouldn’t have much trouble hosting their test data online.

Right? Wrong. From time to time I get an email from one of our customers that reads more or less as follows:

I really like Testuff. Do you have a local installation of the Testuff server? We don’t want to keep our testing data outside the internal network and depend on a hosted service.

Looks like people are reluctant to keep their testing data online. It seems to stem from several fears about SaaS, fears that you may have as well. I’d like to address these fears directly in a short series of posts and see if they make sense. That is, if you’re worse off having your test data hosted than hosting it yourself in the internal network.

In the meantime, let me know what you think about SaaS! Do you use any hosted services other than Testuff? If so, which ones? What do you like about them? If you don’t use any SaaS, what are your concerns?

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