Continuing the SaaS series after a short break, we’ve seen that folks are afraid of SaaS security. However, there are further concerns people have with SaaS. One of them is SaaS reliability. The concern may be expressed as follows:

I’m worried about reliability. There might be outages and congestion accessing hosted services on the Internet.

There are outages and congestion issues on the internal network as well. I remember servers going up and down, slow connectivity, and even worms shutting down communication in the whole internal network at one of my previous employers. There’s plenty of maintenance work that gets done in internal networks and the network admins don’t think too much before flipping the switch.

Even if you don’t use any SaaS per se and your internal network is operating at top speed, people can’t work without access to the Internet. Even if just goes down people stare dumbly at the screen or head to a coffee break. Everyone highly depends on the Internet in the software industry and if there are access problems to the Internet there’s more than just SaaS and Testuff at stake, but also search engines, webmail, knowledge sources like Wikipedia, blogs, and whatnot. In a certain sense of the word, we’re all using SaaS already, we just aren’t aware of it.

Truth of the matter is that SaaS is more reliable than local servers. Just look at uptime logs for site hosting on the net, you will find they are usually above 99%. Even when we had to take Testuff down for a DRP drill, we thought ten times before doing so, notified our customers plenty of time beforehand, and made sure it was for the shortest time possible.

Speaking of which, SaaS companies confirm to the highest reliability standards. Testuff has a DRP and we perform drills to make sure we’re on top of our game. All the Testuff data is backed up regularly and replicated for maximum resilience. We keep constant monitoring on our servers to make sure everything is working at all times.

Do you get this kind of service for your local servers? If so, how much is it costing you? Are you concerned with SaaS reliability? Is your internal network truly reliable? Drop a comment and tell us about it.

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