How to work with Testuff when using Exploratory Testing as your methodology

We are frequently asked about the best methodology to use with Testuff test management suite, or is it good to use with this or that methodology. Without getting too much into what is a methodology (compared with a process, a work flow, technique, class, type, etc.) we always answer that Testuff is flexible enough to enable using it with any of the known methodologies.

And that’s true.

Testing groups invest time and effort in learning and implementing methodologies, which they find the best for their needs. So, we came up with a short description of optional ways of how to use Testuff with a few of the more popular ones.

The first to be published, is a guide on how to use Testuff with Exploratory Testing. It’s just one way. There are other ways to make the most of Testuff when running exploratory testing.

We wrote a few times about the first and main approach we believe should be used and implemented – common sense (see here, here and here). We find that in many cases, too much is invested in the process, the surroundings, and the main issue which is the actual testing and the results, is forgotten. We’re all after better products after all, not better processes.

Still, we understand the need here, therefore and in the interest of our users, we’ve prepared these papers. We will soon publish a similar paper for using Testuff while testing in an Agile environment.

Enjoy testing.

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