Loyal to our long time approach, you’ll find that our new test management tool version includes many enhancements – all designed to improve your experience, and make your work easier and faster. Less bells-and-whistles features, more helpful, daily routine work features. And as always, most of them are a result of users requests. What’s yours? Send it to us. We listen.

Here’s the list of enhancements for this month’s version:

File Attachments

File attachment names can be edited and changed for better description of the file.

Defects Reported to the tracker

Defects, reported from a test step to the tracker, show the tracker’s ID already in the Test Runner. This improves the follow-up and understanding of the defect management, between Testuff and your tracker.

More in this version:

  • Reports: Share and Scheduled Reports include the exact details of each report, its filters and the report’s date.
  • Web App Enhancements:
    • Time Management: Following up on estimated vs. actual time of test execution got easier with the new Operate on all menu option. This option enables setting up the estimated time of all tests in the list, in one action.
    • Tests Management: a new Comments icon was added to the icons of each specific test or task, in tests/tasks lists. Easier and faster access to write or review a test’s comments.
  • Desktop Test Editor has now a Preview option. See how your test looks while writing it.

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

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