Back to first base, home run, and we’re still running…. Testuff 1.60 is all about enhancements to some of the main features – Defects module, Trackers integration, API and others. The list below speaks for itself. We’re already working on the next version, with much of it coming as a result of your requests. If you have something in mind – let us know. We listen.

As promised, a short update on our web version project: While moving forward on schedule, we’ve met some interesting challenges, mainly on how to maintain all the great features, which are now enabled on the current version. This is not obvious when moving to the web, however our team is doing a great job, and I believe you’ll be happy with the results.

So what’s new on the version:

  • Better Defects Management: Defects can now be stated as Closed in Testuff, and will be moved to a different tab. These defects will not count for reports and dashboard tables, allowing you to best manage and follow up on your open defects.
  • Bug Trackers:
    • New tracker integration – Planbox. Our 27th tracker integration and counting!
    • Bugzillaproduct added as a predefined field. This means you can now select the Bugzilla product to report to, while creating the defect in the bug reporter
    • AsanaSync defect status now supported. Right-click a defect, or a group of them, and synchronize them with their latest Asana status
    • FogBugz – You can now automatically retrieve the area field values, under the FogBugz settings window in Testuff
    • Jira – You can now automatically retrieve the assignee field values, under the Jira settings window in Testuff
    • OnTimefield type added as a predefined field. This means you can report any OnTime ticket type (task, user story or defect), and same as far as importing them in the Defects and Requirements screens
  • Requirements report – The total number of tests included in the reports data table
  • Process of adding and removing Labels improved
  • Get the list of requirements a test is assigned to (right-click a test and select Assigned requirements)
  • API new available options:
    • Attach a file to a defect
    • Attach a file to an executed test

Visit our Website for a full list of all new features in all versions since 2007.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.

* Take a look at the list of tips we gathered here, for your convenience.