It happens. Change is inevitable – and in many cases – initially not welcomed.

  • Parisians abhorred the Eiffel Tower originally. Now it’s a symbolic icon of all that is French.
  • People hated Gmail’s threaded conversations. Now it’s one Gmail’s most popular features.
  • Universal suffrage was a tough sell. Now countries that disenfranchise women are deemed “barbaric.”

So in an industry like ours that evolves so quickly, change is even more inevitable and more prone to initial hesitation.

But first some background.

We recently released a new version of our software test management suite (Testuff Version 1.50), updating the interface and some of the behavior. Most are thrilled with the improvements. But of course, some have yet to click with it. In fact, a handful of users have asked for the ability to opt out and revert to the old interface.

I completely understand. You get used to one way, a major update comes along, and you have to re-learn everything all over again.


These recent changes are not ones we implemented callously. There exist many reasons behind the update, but the primary motivation was our desire to accommodate the increasingly growing data in our customers’ accounts – something we weren’t able to do with prior versions of Testuff’s QA software testing tools.

In addition, we needed more sophisticated and comprehensive filtering processes for the many users out there who work in large groups and need for better ways to browse through their data.

So – these changes were necessary. Just as software must evolve with time (or else none of us would be relevant), software test management tools must also evolve with time. See my earlier post on this very topic.

Help Us Help You – How Can We Improve Our QA Software Testing Tools

All this being said, we’re open to suggestions on how we can make our software test management platform more accessible. In fact, feedback is one of our guiding principles at Testuff (click here for more).

Thus far, the feedback about Testuff Version 1.50 has been very encouraging. But we’re not averse to making additional changes. We’ve even been known to retire certain improvements after determining that doing so was in the best interest of the many customers we serve.
We know that the process has not been completed yet. And as mentioned, we are not hesitant to add back an option or a feature that was removed, and we did not realize how popular with users it was.

So if you have recommendations, don’t be shy.

Now unfortunately, we can’t provide 100% retro-compatibility for the reasons already outlined above and others. But ideally, we can figure out a way to keep the core updates while still providing consistency of experience for those who prefer the older interface.

If you’ve taken Version 1.50 for a test drive already and have questions, definitely let us know. We can offer assistance as needed.

We encourage you to kick the tires a bit and take some time to really explore this newest update. Send us ideas on features to add and areas to improve.

The adjustment period will vary with each individual. But we’re confident that after a day or so, Testuff Version 1.50 will found as friendly and useful as Testuff was always.

In the meantime, ask your questions down below or contact us directly.

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