Me and my friends at work would like to share with you a mix of our favorite development and QA tools that we use at Testuff. If you know some more, please leave a comment. If we like your suggestion we might even start using it and add it to the list!


  • Python – the language we develop in. Cross platform, powerful, clean, fast code.
  • Trac – our beloved bug tracker. KISS at its best.
  • SVN – great source management. Use TortoiseSVN to integrate with Windows Explorer.
  • SciTE – simple and quick editor with syntax highlighting and other useful functions, like running python directly from the editor.
  • Pspad -the competitor with SciTE with many more features.
  • Eclipse – Ido swears by this IDE for Java, and is pushing the other reluctant team members to try out Pydev instead of SciTE. They claim though that PyDev has not yet reached the level of the awesome Eclipse Java IDE.
  • Cygwin – run your favorite *nix apps like grep, find, less, bash, gcc, and much more on Windows.
  • PHPDev – a complete and easy to install package of Apache + MySQL. Really helps to do some development locally before uploading the stuff to your server.


  • Testuff – hey, a self advertisement is in order, and we do eat our own dog food
  • Bug Shooting – easy and comfy screen capture tool, of course other than the one in our defect reporter ;)
  • Spleet – Gooli’s invention for splitting windows easily. Great when you use it with the Testuff runner and your tested app, or whatever you like.
  • VMWare Player – free utility to load up VMWares, virtual machines.
  • Jumpbox – plenty of free pre-installed virtual machines to use with the VMWare player. Notice the trackers section.


  • Wireshark (formerly Ethereal) – awesome and free network monitoring and capture tool. Parses basically all known protocols and includes an awesome feature to follow a TCP stream and see what he said she said (client-server talk).
  • HPING – excellent tool to construct your own packets from scratch and ship them out.
  • Net-RawIP – PERL module which allows you to go wild with your own IP packets.
  • TCPReplay – resend captured packets to cause havoc on your AUT.
  • Netdude – edit and resend evil captured packets.
  • Nmap – the standard and excellent port scanner, a security tester’s fork and knife.
  • Nessus – scans for zillions of known vulnerabilities to make sure you don’t suffer from one as well.


  • Firefox – if you don’t know about Firefox, download and install it now!
  • Firefox Addons:
    • Foxmarks – synchronize your Firefox bookmarks on different machines. Great for working from both home and the office.
    • Remember the Milk for Gmail – manage your tasks easily through Gmail.
    • Downthemall – make your downloads faster cheaper better.
    • iMacros – automate your mundane browser tasks down to a single click.
    • Split Browser – like Spleet, but inside Firefox.
    • CSSViewer – a must for anyone battling with CSS.
    • Total Validator – validate your site. I recommend to use it with their Advanced Desktop Tool (just register to download it for free).
  • Gmail – our favorite mail.
  • Reader – yes, we like Google products, they know what they’re doing.


  • VirtuaWin – some of us like to use 2 screens for work. Those that find it too blinding use VirtuaWin to split the desktop into plenty of virtual desktops.
  • Skype – when we are away and miss each other, this is how we call for free and do some sexy video chats.
  • Paint Shop Pro 9 – the ultimate image editor. Too bad Corel messed it up with the complicated new versions.
  • Always On Top – like notepad, but more handy. Always remains on top of windows and automatically saves the text when you close it.
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