Watch Tutorial

Testuff in 5 Minutes

Download and install

  • Testuff is an on-demand service, so you can get started immediately. We take care of all server maintenance and security.
  • Run Testuff.
  • Register your account. All we need is your name and email address. No credit card information or any other details.

Configure your Testuff settings

Set your environment, bug tracker, user details, etc.

Create a new test

Go to the Tests tab, and click Add test at the bottom of the screen. Separate each step with a blank line, and use => for expected results.

Run the test

Right click the created test and choose Run.

Report a defect

Either fail one of the steps in the test runner, or use theReport bug link at the top. Fill in the details in the bug reporter and click Submit. The bug will then be exported to your tracker.