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Can I write comments while running tests?

You can add a comment to the test while running it, using the comment icon (

). Use it to add information about load time, references you may want to add or any other additional information you wish to keep with the test run. The comment editor is a powerful rich text editor which supports text formatting and even links to external URLs.

Sending a message from the comment

Use @USERNAME (no spaces) to send a message to another tester on the project. The tester will see a message waiting for them, and will be able to view the test and the comment with one click.

How about adding comments via automation?

Adding a comment is also available using the API from automation scripts.

Where can I view comments?

Comments are saved for each test run and can be viewed in the comments editor. Right-click an executed test, in Labs, My tasks or the Test History window, and select Comment. You can also see a list of all comments for a lab, using the right-click menu option on the lab, and selecting Reports–>Comments.

Any other places where I can find the comments feature, other than when running tests?

Yes, sure. There are comments on a test (in the Test Editor), and on defects as well. There’s always a place for you to have your say…

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