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What is Twistuff?

Twistuff is our special Twitter integration. You can receive direct messages from Testuff from any Twitter account you choose.

What is it good for?

You can use Twistuff to get messages about test runs, found defects, or to get a daily summary of your testing progress. Tweets can also be sent manually by testers without leaving Testuff.

How do I set up Twistuff?

First you’ll need a Twitter account to which you will send your testing tweets. Go to the Settings link (upper right) and choose the Twistuff tab. Then click on authorize Testuff to access this account. Once access is set up, select the type of messages you want to receive.

How do you access my Twitter?

We use Twitter OAuth authentication. It allows Testuff to tweet without having to give us your Twitter username or password.

Does each tester need a Twitter account?

No. Twistuff uses one shared Twitter account for your company. All tweets go to one account only. It makes it easier to follow and see it all in one place.

Will I be able to change the settings?

Of course. You can change the Twitter account to which tweets are sent to, the type of messages or disable Twistuff altogether.

Can I tweet my own messages?

Sure. Other than the automatic messages from Testuff, you can always click on the Twitter icon (top right on the Testuff screen) and tweet directly from Testuff.

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