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What is Time Management?

Time Management allows you to better plan and measure your test execution. When you create or edit test cases, you can estimate how long it should take to execute them. Testuff automatically records all the time you spend running your tests, and then you can view it against the estimated time.
Estimated time allows for easier and fairer test planning and allocation of tests in a team. Measuring your actual testing time allows you to improve and refine your estimates and manage your time better.

What’s the best strategy for time management?

Once each test case is assigned with an estimated time, the best place to manage it is in Labs. You can see how long each of the testers is expected to spend executing tests based on their assignments. You can also track how long they take executing their tests.

Big Brother is watching?

Well, not really. The idea isn’t to put a stopwatch on testers. Testing is an art and testers should spend as much time as they think is necessary.

Why can’t I see the actual time on the Test Runner?

It’s not because we’re lazy in implementing it. Testuff was designed to assist in test management, not to press testers on time, nor to let them waste time on Facebook if more time was estimated than actually necessary. You can still see the actual time in Labs. We even calculate for you the average actual run-time for a test, for all its runs, to help you better estimate your next tests.

I don’t see the estimated time for tests in Labs

If you previously assigned tests in labs, the run information reflects the point in time when the test was allocated. Therefore, estimated time will not be reflected immediately. To see the estimated times for tests, re-allocate them to testers or create a new lab.

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