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How do I run tests?

There are a few possible ways to run tests in Testuff:

  1. Tests screen – choose the relevant test, right click it, and select Run. After doing so, the test’s run will be added to the run history of the test.
  2. Labs screen – double click an assigned test to run it. If you run a test that has been assigned to someone else, it will be automatically reassigned to you for due credit.
  3. My tasks tab – double click a test to run it. All tests that have been assigned to you in labs or tests that you started running by yourself will show up here.
  4. Requirements screen – Right-click a test, in the Tests in this requirement tab, to run it.
  5. In any of the above lists, right-click a test, or an assigned test, and select Mark as passed or Mark as won’t-do to give the test a status without running it step-by-step, and without opening the Test Runner.

Now that the test runner is open, what do I do?

  • Record a video of the test. The test runner will allow you to add videos to bug reports so that you can see precisely how to recreate a bug.
  • Mark steps as either passed, failed, or inconclusive.
  • You have the ability to add comments while running the test. Click on the comment link to open the editor.
  • If you mark a step as failed the bug reporter will launch so that you can report an issue, or link to an existing issue. If you don’t wish to do so, just close it and the step will remain in the failed status.
  • You can also marl a step as blocked. Use the comment on the step to explain why.
  • The test will be considered complete and achieve the relevant status in the following situations:
    1. Passed – all steps have passed
    2. Inconclusive – at least one of the steps is inconclusive (blocked), and others have passed or not run
    3. Failed – one or more of the steps failed
  • Tests can be marked with status of wontdo. That is done from a right-click option (on that test).
  • Click the bulb icon, on the top left side of the Test Runner, to get additional information about the test . Defects previously found on it, and its run history.

Can I edit a test during a test run?

Of course. Simply click the Edit link at the top of the runner, edit the test, and save it. The test run will change accordingly. Note that if you edit the test from a different location, such as the test tab, it won’t affect the test run unless you use the Sync link in the Test Runner.

Managing Comments

You can add a comment to the test step while running it, using the comment icon

. Use it to add information about load time, references you may want to add or any other information you wish to keep with the test run. All comments can be then viewed as part of the test history, and in the comments editor.

To add a comment to the test at the test level, not for a specific step, use the ‘comment’ link at the bottom of the Test Runner.

Yes. Right-click on one or more tests (using the Ctrl key), choose reports and then test history. You will get a detailed list of all runs for the selected tests. The Test history link at the bottom of the test details window is another way to get the same results.

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