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What is a Direct Access URL?

Direct access URLs allow you to view items online using a standard web browser without need for username and password.

How can I get a Direct Access URL for a test or suite?

Select a test, suite, or a defect then right click and choose Reports–->The Selected Item. These URLs can be used to view the up-to-date version of each item.

What is it good for?

It allows viewing test case progress without installing the Testuff client. You can send it to non-Testuff users and share information with them.

There is no password. Is it secure?

Yes! Even though there is no password required to view a test case online, each test is allocated with a unique, unpredictable and cryptographically random identifier. It may be possible to guess it, but the probability of correctly guessing a URL is much lower than winning the lottery. Having said that, if your test cases are sensitive, don’t post these URLs on your blog or mailing list. We recommend not even bookmarking them.

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