Hello testing world! My name is Ido and I would like to invite all you QA people out there to tune in, those testing rigorously, relentlessly, and ruthlessly. I used to work in QA myself, and I know what it’s like. The high steam pressure before releases to test the hell out of the product, the expectations you’re going to find all the bugs, and the unspoken frustration from RnD when you do find them, especially those critical ones right before the weekend that bring in developers for overtime. This blog is for you!

In this blog I would like to write about stuff from the world of testing. Abstract thoughts about QA, testing methodologies, tools n’ tips of the trade, jokes, and much more. Of course I will spice it up with events happening here at Testuff, and some fun stuff as well.

I am really excited to be working here. Not only do I love being me own boss, but our mindset at the company is very young and open to new ideas. Just looking at the icons we got in our client GUI:

My first thoughts were that they do not look professional, they look like icons from a bloody video game! But then I realized, why shouldn’t testing be fun? There are definitely game elements to testing, and besides that, professional is usually corporate is usually booorrrring! I don’t know about you, but I like color in my life.

Anyway, as they say – come on join the test ride!

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