If we thought our developers did a great job last month, check out their work for Testuff 1.31. So many exciting new features and options.

The bar was raised…

We can’t even decide which is the Star feature of the month :-) Is it the new spell-checker now included as part of the Test Editor, or perhaps the two new bug-trackers added to the long list of trackers we integrate with? 20 and counting.
Perhaps it’s neither, and we should give it to the built-in synchronization means, which will help users to work on tests and runs simultaneously.
So, we leave it to you to make your own choice. There are of course a few other enhancements on the list.

As we’ve promised earlier this year, our focus is on customer requested features, and on areas in testuff which customers have ideas and need to see more done. Expect more on the Reports for example…

Here’s the full list of changes for Testuff 1.31:

  • Write right – with the new Spell Checker
  • Bug Trackers enhancements:
  • Better Synchronization between users:
    • Safe test editing, Make sure you are working on the last saved version
    • Synchronize items deleted by another user
  • New filters and table columns for better data control:
    • Defect tab filters: by tester and by lab
    • Lab tab Status filter
    • Overview tab now includes additional tables and links for presented data
    • Category field added in the lab, for assigned tests
  • Coffee break icon can now keep run in progress even if the test failed
  • New Product Version parameter added to the automation API

Visit our Website for a full list of all new features in all versions since 2007.

Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.

Tips of the month:

  1. Subscribe to our data centers status page. It can come up handy one day.
  2. Double-click a search result item to go directly to it.