Testuff 1.68 is kind of a ‘back to the basics’ version. We’ve worked on a few of the trackers integrations, to further improve what is already a high-level integration solution. That said, we did not stop there, and you’ll find many other enhancements and improvements, designed mostly out of your own requests.
Closing half of 2014 (that was fast…) and getting ready to launch our long-due web-version.

Here’s the full list on this version:

  • Bug Trackers Integration:
    • Jira: IssueType for sub task can be now configured, and carry your values as set in your Jira. This will help you while reporting sub-tasks (using the Parent_ID field).
    • FogBugz: Synchronization of imported requirements
    • OnTime: When setting the integration you can get your OnTime field values for Release. All values, from all projects will show, with sub releases included
    • Clarizen:
      • Predefined fields added on setup
      • Adding custom fields is now available
      • Project-to-Project submission of defects supported
    • Basecamp: Import and Synchronization of issues (defects and requirements)
    • Gemini: Import and Export of tickets (for defects and requirements)
  • Project level settings option to “hide” bug tracker fields from the bug reporter (and ignore them while reporting a defect)
  • Re-organize your labs in folders: Move labs under parent-lab (cut/paste)
  • Update_date field added to defects Excel export file
  • Mark as blocked is now available on the Run’s right-click menu
  • Failed Steps report in labs includes now the name of defects
  • New report: list of all related tests for a defect (available on a defect’s right-click menu). Great for those using the Link to an existing defect feature while reporting defects.
  • No time to wait? Creating new branch with lots of data? We’ll advise you, with an email, when it’s ready.

Visit our Website for a full list of all new features in all versions since 2007.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.

* Take a look at the list of tips we gathered here, for your convenience.