Can Artificial Super Intelligence Test Software Better Than Humans Can?

We’ve discussed the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) extensively in the past, with posts about: Amazing multi-world games like No Man’s Sky. Self-creating websites through platforms like Grid.io. Technological breakthroughs like these potentially put software testers and developers at risk. We could become irrelevant in a world where machines can do all the heavy lifting. [...]

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What If Every Software Tester Went on Strike?

We recently came across an interesting article touting the benefits of higher education. And we couldn’t be more supportive of this idea. Knowledge is power. The writer went on and made a distinction between university graduates and those who only finish the same courses but in a college. Specifically he referred to computer sciences and [...]

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How to Succeed As a Freelance Software Tester

Last time, we wrote an article that covered some of the difficulties teams face when hiring outsourced talent – and how best to address those challenges. In this post, we’d like to cover the same topic again. But this time, we’ll shift our focus to the freelancer’s perspective. As a software tester for hire, what [...]

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How to Work with an Outsourced Freelance Tester

Hiring an external freelance tester is one of those options in today’s workforce landscape that some see as a necessary evil, others as a great benefit, but that nearly every software QA team eventually faces: Sometimes you need a few extra hands on deck for a short term. Other times, you want access to outside [...]

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Software Testers in the Age of Cyber-Terrorism

Why the Global War on Terrorism Needs Software Testers We used to live in an analog world where you could: Repair broken toasters with a simple screwdriver. Tinker with cars using a few garage tools. But those days are quickly fading. In fact, they’re all but over. Now everything is digital, powered by software, satellites, [...]

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Where Are My Testers?

I used to work for a company which had a few groups of testers, each of them used on a separate mission on a need-basis. You would see a project manager go about asking “where’s my testing group?", trying to figure which of the groups was assigned for his project. There were arguments of course [...]

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Finding False Positives in Software Testing

Improper diagnoses are bad for business. This is most apparent in healthcare where "false positives" result in hundreds of billions in wasted dollars every year. Worse still are the complications that emerge when real problems go untreated. Patients become sicker and sometimes die because physicians fail to address the true reasons why those individuals [...]

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