Can we promise commitment?

"Built to Last", the successful book by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, tells us about great organizations, real visionary companies that have prospered over long periods of time, and shows the unique practices and habits that these companies adopted. But I wonder if any of these companies' CEO or founders could answer a simple question: [...]

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Fear of SaaS Reliability

Continuing the SaaS series after a short break, we've seen that folks are afraid of SaaS security. However, there are further concerns people have with SaaS. One of them is SaaS reliability. The concern may be expressed as follows: I'm worried about reliability. There might be outages and congestion accessing hosted services on the [...]

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Fear of SaaS Security

Last week I started a series of posts to examine why people are afraid of SaaS. So, let's dive in and examine one of the fears that I have seen come up all too often - fear of SaaS security. Someone who's afraid that SaaS isn't secure may make the following claim: I don't use [...]

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Fear of SaaS

When Testuff was established the founders discussed what would be the right model for it. SaaS (Software as a Service) was the lucky winner. The decision was made since we figure that small companies don't like and can't afford to keep lot's of servers around. They take up maintenance time, machines and  IT guys [...]

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