Why so many people don’t like testing?

Last week, I’ve attended a good, interesting conference - Agile Practitioners 2012. One of the sessions was held by Orit Hazzan (An associate professor and head of the Technion’s department of education in technology and science). I thought to summarize her lecture here for your benefit, adding some notes of myself, as its probably relevant [...]

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Making the Difference

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” Leo Tolstoy “Happy” Testing Teams What makes one testing team better than the other? Is it their manager? The methodology they use? The quality of the testers - experience and education included? Or perhaps the combination of all and more? You [...]

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Making the Case for Exploratory Testing

In the pantheon of software testing methodologies, exploratory testing ranks among the most interactive and dynamic. However, amongst experienced testers rages an ongoing debate over whether or not exploratory is superior to structural methods of testing (e.g. scripted). In truth, both have pros and cons, making the overall debate somewhat flawed. When given a choice, [...]

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Build your Agile Road Map

“You’ll learn more about a road by traveling it than be consulting all the maps in the world.” Anonymous When a year starts, we all tend to make personal resolutions. Companies make road maps and yearly plans for their budgets, marketing, resources and product development. As a small but fast-growing company ourselves, we thought it [...]

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What came first – the chicken or the egg? A few thoughts about software testing Metrics

There are many topics which fuel debates and emotional discussions within the software testing community, but it seems that there’s one that really makes everyone excited - Metrics! How do you measure your testing efforts? What is the best way to evaluate effectiveness, and which elements should be quantified? How do we know if the [...]

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Common Sense Testing Methodology

We often receive requests from our customers, most of which are professional testers, to work with them and show them how to use Testuff when using a specific testing methodology. Usually after a short dialog, they find the best way for them to use Testuff. We're quite proud that Testuff does indeed fit with many [...]

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Bug hunting with validations

Having done loads of bug validations for Testuff 1.1, I wanted to say something about them. Oddly enough Mike Kelly has just published a post about validations too. Bug validations can be considered quite a tedious task. Finding a bug is quite fun, a treasure hunt except you don't get the luxury of a [...]

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Do testers record testing videos?

Following my previous post about test videos where I asked why don't people record them, I opened several discussions at several QA communities across the web regarding the subject: Software Testing Club SQAForums LinkedIn Israeli QA Forum (in Hebrew) The people have spoken. All of the above discussions were great and yielded some powerful [...]

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The humans are dead, part 4 and final

Even though I am ultra busy testing Testuff 1.0, that's coming out very very soon, I decided to take some time out and to conclude this crazy series of posts. We've seen why automated testing rocks. As I've stated before, it's more accurate, work faster, harder, for a longer period of time, for less money, [...]

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The humans are dead, part 3

The machines have made their move in the previous episode. To sum it up, they are more accurate, work faster, harder, for a longer period of time, for less money, with no complaints and no quitting. Sounds just about perfect doesn't it? But wait! It is time for the humans to fight back, to show [...]

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