Software Testing, Thanksgiving, and Random Acts of Kindness

At Testuff, we often highlight the importance of having the “right tools for the job.” As a software tester, for example, those tools might be: A fully featured platform - like our software testing suite. Advanced training secured through continued education. Add-ons to help extend or automate functionality. It can even be having a [...]

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Is Software Testing a Creative Field or a Technical One?

Software testing is undoubtedly a technical skill – one that requires logic, critical thinking, and analysis. And few would ever argue with this statement. But the very best software testers are also artists. They have a “creativity” itch that they absolutely must scratch. And that deep itch often manifests in unusual ways, which is [...]

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What Do Testers Do When There’s Nothing to Test?

The “off-season” isn’t something you normally hear about in software development and testing. Beach towns, professional sports, and academia all have natural breaks built into their schedules. But testers and developers work all year-round. At the macro level, there is no “off-season” for our industry. But as individual testers, we all have downtime, whether we’re [...]

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What Kangaroo Collisions Can Teach Us about Software Testing

Swedish auto manufacturer, Volvo, has an ambitious goal of reducing accident-related fatalities to 0% by 2020. And central to this mission is the company’s line of self-driving cars. Volvo is already well on its way thanks to on-board detection systems that can help cars automatically avoid moose, deer, and other large game. But the vehicle [...]

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Testuff Test Management New Intro Video

Introducing Testuff Testuff test management tool, is evolving so fast, that our intro video became out-of-date. So, we created a new one... A short, and cool, presentation of our test management tool, briefly showing the main benefits. Take a look, then give it a try. It's free. The Testuff Team [...]

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Can Artificial Super Intelligence Test Software Better Than Humans Can?

We’ve discussed the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) extensively in the past, with posts about: Amazing multi-world games like No Man’s Sky. Self-creating websites through platforms like Technological breakthroughs like these potentially put software testers and developers at risk. We could become irrelevant in a world where machines can do all the heavy lifting. [...]

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What If Every Software Tester Went on Strike?

We recently came across an interesting article touting the benefits of higher education. And we couldn’t be more supportive of this idea. Knowledge is power. The writer went on and made a distinction between university graduates and those who only finish the same courses but in a college. Specifically he referred to computer sciences and [...]

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