Why Software Testing Was Built for Globalization

Globalization receives a lot of negative PR - especially during political election years. But it’s truly a marvel of human engineering. Case in point is the ordinary, everyday t-shirt. The lifecycle of this modern fashion accessory is a wonder to behold: Cotton is grown in some remote corner of the globe. It’s then cultivated [...]

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Software Testing Tools Challenges in a CICD Environment

Some Thoughts about The DevOps Era Developing and releasing software is a complicated process. Applications now-days are more complex, and deployment infrastructure complexity grows, so are teams working on software projects. Developing, testing, and releasing software quickly and in a consistent way, is therefore more challenging than ever. One way organizations face this challenge is [...]

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Good Enough Releases vs. Error-Free Code: Finding the Right Balance

Developing a “proof of concept” has long been a central pillar of the business world. Under this framework, companies are encouraged to: Build a barebones prototype. Gauge consumer demand. Add requested bells & whistles. Scale up production for the masses. This proven formula allows you to test the waters with minimal investment. You don’t [...]

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Sailing with Testers

Before taking out your boat or yacht out for sailing, there's a Pre departure checklist to follow. This list is a long one, and goes from checking your registration papers (valid and present in the boat), all the way to verifying you have all of the required emergency equipment. In between there are dozens of [...]

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When Are Software Testers the Most Productive?

According to 2 collaborative articles from Priceonomics and Redbooth, the 8-hour workday is a myth. Although we’d all like to believe we’re super productive (from 9-ish to 5-ish), the data tell a very different story. After an exhaustive study of 1.8 million projects across hundreds of thousands of users, Priceonomics and Redbooth determined that: The [...]

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A Look Back at Software Testing in 2017

It’s now 2018, and we’re ready to begin a brand-new year. But when we looked back at our posts over the previous 12 months, we noticed an interesting trend. Actually – 3 interrelated trends: Emerging challenges in the job market The changing role of software testers The rise of AI and automation This coverage [...]

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