Google Buzz, Facebook and….Testuff

A few rainy-day thoughts: We have been hearing a lot lately about privacy issues. "Google Buzz" came out with a big noise, only to redraw quietly back to the drawing table in order to fix many privacy problems, which made users (very) angry. Facebook is dealing with privacy issues since its first days, and still is. [...]

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Testuff is 2,000 registrations old! Now what?

On August 6th we have reached our first 1,000 registered companies (and we posted it at Testuff is 1000 companies old!). A few weeks ago we had the bells ringing again, when our 2,000th company registered to the service. Simple math, which even we can do without mistakes, shows a nice average of 125 registrations [...]

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Can we promise commitment?

"Built to Last", the successful book by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, tells us about great organizations, real visionary companies that have prospered over long periods of time, and shows the unique practices and habits that these companies adopted. But I wonder if any of these companies' CEO or founders could answer a simple question: [...]

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