QA Testing Tools – a Vote for the Small Guy

Recently over coffee, a close friend asked me why Testuff was not more aggressive in its marketing. True, we already have thousands of customers around the globe, she pointed out, but with better advertising and a bigger budget, we could: find more clients go public make oodles of money I was instantly reminded of a [...]

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A Year of Software Testing Predictions & Zombie Apocalypses

We’ve got good news, great news, and even better news. First the good Roughly 12 months ago, we predicted that 2012 would be the SaaS Test Management Solution Year – and we’ve made good on that promise. Starting with Testuff 1.38 last November, we’ve successfully released 11 separate on-time monthly updates, with the 12th release [...]

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SaaS Software Testing and the Beauty of Incremental Improvements

In an earlier post, we explored the recent Apple map debacle, outlining how better software application testing tools coupled with better “tests” could have helped the tech giant avoid its major embarrassment. But today, I wanted to approach the situation from a slightly different angle. IT is one of the fastest evolving industries on the [...]

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Should Software Application Testing Be Less Competitive?

In traditional capitalism, self-interest is the driving force behind innovation. Under this framework, concepts like cooperation and collaboration are somewhat antithetical to the profit maximization model. Every time you share, you enable a potential competitor. This is especially true in a world of finite resources where sharing literally makes your own pie smaller. In many [...]

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Testuff goes to college

Usually our users are testers and developers, from companies, organizations and even IT/software development departments in universities. But recently we added to our user profiles, a new profile.... students.The next generation of software developers and testers :-) Our software testing management solution was selected to join, side-by-side, to IBM's solution in two academic institutions, as [...]

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Absolute Beginners

When we first look at a new thing, we are bound for that first impression. This first impression is sometimes the barrier, stopping us from starting a conversation with someone, choosing something to eat from the counter and of course buying a product. “No second chance for first impression” is a well known saying. For [...]

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