What Do Testers Do When There’s Nothing to Test?

The “off-season” isn’t something you normally hear about in software development and testing. Beach towns, professional sports, and academia all have natural breaks built into their schedules. But testers and developers work all year-round. At the macro level, there is no “off-season” for our industry. But as individual testers, we all have downtime, whether we’re [...]

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Why Olympians Would Make Great Software Testers

In many ways, the contrast between Olympic athletes and software testers couldn't be starker: One class of professionals symbolizes the ultimate in human form, strength, and grace.  They are paragons of physical perfection. The other category is the exact opposite.  QA professionals are often depicted as skinny or fat (but never in between).  And it’s [...]

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Testuff Test Management Video

Our first video presentation We've completed the work on our first video. It is a short presentation of our test management tool, briefly talking about the ease of use of Testuff, how it's intuitive yet fully featured, and mentioning it being a comprehensive solution. Let us know what you think of it, and 'like' it [...]

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Developers developers developers

Ran across this funny piece entitled The Top 20 replies by programmers when their programs don't work. Sad but true: 20. "That's weird..." 19. "It's never done that before." 18. "It worked yesterday." 17. "How is that possible?" 16. "It must be a hardware problem." 15. "What did you type in wrong to get it [...]

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Hollywood, here they come!

Having seen the celebrity look alike webapp, I had some funny inspiration for testing. Let's see how well it works and see if the celebrities look like themselves! My Hollywood Twin, Johnny Depp, only looks like himself by 76%. That sucks for the algorithm developers. On the other hand, this guy has a hundred [...]

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