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The State of Software Testing in 2018 and Beyond

The other day, a good friend of Testuff told us about his 22-year-old son (we’ll call him “John”).

John is very bright and a quick study. But fresh out of school, he has almost no work experience yet.

Nonetheless, he was recently hired as a QA professional for a new startup. John wouldn’t be joining a team […]

September 24th, 2018|Blog, Education, Testing|0 Comments

Software Testing Books for The Lazy Newbie

If you were to survey the bookshelves of software testers around the globe, you’d likely see all kinds of QA-related manuals, tutorials, and dictionaries.

But here’s the thing.

No two bookshelves will ever be exactly the same. After all, each one of us has different tastes and needs. Plus, there’s a lot of turnover since […]

May 14th, 2017|Blog, Education|0 Comments

How to Launch a Career in Software Testing

In our blog, we often talk about the importance of continued education. The learning process never really stops, and serious software testers should constantly hone their skills outside the office with deliberate, self-directed study.

This is especially important since ours is a profession without an “official” university-level career path. Most of what we learn, […]

April 13th, 2015|Blog, Education, Tips|1 Comment

Why Aren’t There More College-Level Courses for Software Testing?

The other day, we published a post about how software testing is a profession in its own right – and not a stepping-stone towards some other career.

The article was very well received. But a number of readers pointed out that “profession” can mean different things to different people. And you know […]

June 4th, 2014|Blog, Education, General|0 Comments

Software Testing – Career Stepping-Stone or Profession in Its Own Right?

Software testing is a serious profession that becomes more demanding and more important every day.

But many within the field don’t regard their own contributions with the respect they deserve. They view themselves as support staff and fact-checkers who needn’t bother investing in the requisite resources for continued growth.

Ironically, many of […]

May 5th, 2014|Blog, Education, QA, Testing|0 Comments

Having Your Boss Pay for Continued Software Test Management Training?

We see it all the time – people going back to school for continued training, extra degrees, and new workshops. The trend has become especially pronounced in this economy. With fewer job opportunities, people must work harder to distinguish themselves in a market that’s becoming more competitive every day.

Some employees take it upon […]

October 17th, 2012|Blog, Education, Tips|0 Comments

Back to School: Software Testing Management

With most professions, it’s easy to fall into a rut. You may have an annual picnic or major product launch to help snap you out of the daily routine, but most days are “business as usual.”

The software testing world is no different.

You probably have modular training workshops here and there to bring […]

August 28th, 2012|Blog, Education, General, Testing|1 Comment

Testuff goes to college

Usually our users are testers and developers, from companies, organizations and even IT/software development departments in universities. But recently we added to our user profiles, a new profile…. students.

The next generation of software developers and testers :-)

Our software testing management solution was selected to join, side-by-side, to IBM’s solution in two academic institutions, as the […]

April 27th, 2012|Blog, Education, General|0 Comments

Are you a software testing expert?

Just watched James Bach’s lecture on Becoming a Software Testing Expert and had a major blast. I love this guy’s ruthless honesty, geeky sense of humor, and the references he drops all over the place from philosophy, sci-fi, films, and whatnot. Hell, even if you don’t care about becoming a software testing expert, watch his […]

July 8th, 2008|Blog, Education, QA, Testing, Videos|1 Comment