Software Testing Management As the Foundation – Not an Add-on

In the quest to create powerful software tools for the market, development firms must rely on a diverse range of different departments. Marketing, sales, accounting, programmers, graphic designers, executive management, HR, and of course, the software testers. Seamlessly weaving in all of this input is not without its challenges. The more teams (and the larger [...]

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SaaS Software Testing and the Beauty of Incremental Improvements

In an earlier post, we explored the recent Apple map debacle, outlining how better software application testing tools coupled with better “tests” could have helped the tech giant avoid its major embarrassment. But today, I wanted to approach the situation from a slightly different angle. IT is one of the fastest evolving industries on the [...]

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Why Software Testers Don’t Receive the QA Tools They Rightfully Deserve

In the world of software, quality assurance testing is often regarded as an addendum to the entire development process. As testers, we’re frequently viewed as the busboys who come through and clear the left-over scraps of whatever delicious meals came from the gourmet chefs in the kitchen. This is not a knock on busboys. No [...]

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Software Quality Testing and the Wisdom of the Crowds

So much of history centers around extraordinary individuals accomplishing extraordinary feats. From Columbus to Gandhi to Steve Jobs, we celebrate individual successes, weaving their victories into our hero folklore. It’s a beautiful narrative – one that holds true in many situations. But are individual pioneers the true forces behind so many of the amazing innovations [...]

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Really?

We all have a tendency, or a need, to improve things. We want the results to be better, and then better. Sometimes, that extra touch, that extra effort, ends up with a great outcome, but in other cases it turns to be a setback for something that was working fine before. Think of the software [...]

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Test management and bug tracker – integrated VS integration

Within the software testing world, there exist a range of different tools, such as automation tools, bug tracking, test management and others. While it is possible to select each tool ‘a la carte’, some of the major releases come as all-or-nothing application lifecycle management (ALM) suites that combine all the potential features into one convenient [...]

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Who Cares What James Bach Thinks?

When we first launched Testuff over 4 years ago, it certainly wasn’t with James Bach in mind. Although Mr. Bach had already established a substantial following thanks to his many contributions to the world of software testing, our initial foray into the industry happened quite independently of him. Our founding, our growth, our entire vision [...]

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Feature Request Story

In a perfect world, we (the software providers) should have enough time to develop and complete the perfect product - one that it is intuitive, easy to use, and full of the most in-demand features - before selling it at a reasonable price. I am reminded of a quote from Armageddon when one of the [...]

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Customer Communication – a strategy to creating better software

There’s no doubt the web and software landscape have changed dramatically in the past 10 years. Not in just how software and services can be delivered, but also from the all important angle of ‘customer service’. What does customer service have to do with it all? A lot! Call it Customer Service. Communication. Community Management. [...]

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