How Adding 2 New Data Centers Makes SaaS Testing Even Better.

Testuff has offices based in Israel and Europe. Our customers are spread around the planet. And they develop and test software products for end users who are even more spread out.
What’s truly remarkable – the vast majority of everyone in this network has never (and will never) meet in person. Even many software development teams work remotely on opposite sides of the globe, communicating exclusively via VoIP and email.

It’s both astounding and sad at the same time. We develop SaaS-based software test management tools so you can create and test software products for end users. And 99% of everyone throughout this chain is a nameless, faceless stranger, connected only through 1s and 0s.
But we still are connected.
And with each passing year, these connections only grow stronger:

  • End users demand better software products
  • Testers and developers require better tools

Consequently, we work tirelessly to improve our software test management platform to ensure that this cycle continues.
Every month (for the past 50+ months), we’ve released new updates to our SaaS testing suite – and we’re on track to release 50+ more over the next 2 years.
But not all improvements are entirely software-based. For example, we recently added 2 new data centers in Japan and the US, bringing our grand total up to 8.
I know what you’re thinking – how does having 8 data centers spread across Europe, Asia, and the Americas make our SaaS test management tool “better?”
Well, for starters:

  • Many of you are now geographically closer to a Testuff server than you were before. This ensures better and faster performance.
  • Your software testing data are even more secure.
  • You share your server with fewer customers. This not only means better performance, but it also means faster and easier disaster recovery in the unlikely event of a failure.

All of these benefits are very real – and easy to measure.

But arguably the greatest benefit of adding new data centers is that it closes some of the distance separating all of us. Chances are, we still won’t ever meet in person. But with each new addition to our global network of data centers, we inch closer and closer to becoming neighbors.
To learn more about SaaS testing or to download a 30-day trial of our software test management platform, click here.

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