Last version (Testuff 1.37) for 2011. An exciting great year for Testuff, hopefully for you as well.
This version includes a few new enhancements, which will make it easier for those interested in planning their testing cycles better. Below is the list of what’s included.

2012 is here, and we are already working on the first version for this year…

Here’s the full list of enhancements:

  • Better Test Planning:
    • View All Tests assigned to a lab, on one list.
    • Improved Filtering. Use advanced text-search.
    • Assign tests to users and labs from the Tests Tab.
    • Assign tests to users and labs from Search Results.
    • Get specific Objects IDs (Branch, Suite, Test, Defect).
  • Share Suites with Non-Testuff users.
  • API Enhancements:
    • Get Data from your account using the API.
    • Report Run Status.
  • Better, informative error messages.

Visit our Website for a full list of all new features in all versions since 2007.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.

Tips of the month:

  1. Share your reports with others. Use the share link on the bottom of every report.
  2. Customize your bug reports. The Defect Template is a great way to get your bugs look exacly in the way you want them.
  3. * Take a look at the list of tips we gathered here, for your convenience.