With better reports, testing gets better. When you have a way to get a good view of what’s already done and what’s left and waiting still, a view of the results and the progress made, you can make better decisions. That goes to your requirements coverage as well. We’ve done some changes, that may look minor, but can help you to achieve this exactly.
We’re now working on a major change to the trackers integration, creating a more robust synchronization approach to it. Stay tuned for the next monthly version (you know, there’s always something to wait for…).

Here are this month’s version enhancements:

Better Test Planning

Manager can now see the tests assigned to the testers. Whatever is waiting, whatever they’ve already done. Better control, better planning, better management. This is achieved by clicking on the tester names on the Waiting tasks report, which are now links to the actual list of tests.


Filters are now included in the requirements Coverage table. Better way to manage your requirement and follow up on their results. And as with any other Testuff screen, and data, you can print it, export it to Excel and more.

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

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