When it comes to exploratory testing, the quality of a test management tool is measured by two main criteria:
Speed. The tester’s valuable time must be used and managed as efficiently as possible. You want a tool that allows users to easily and quickly start testing.
Documentation. The extent, ease, and depth with which tests and results can be documented. The ultimate goal centers around one’s ability to reproduce the defects found, without any additional information requests and communication between testers and developers. This includes the:

  • Ability to open a test with no content, just as a general idea or direction.
  • Ability to write the test while executing it, based on actual actions taken.
  • Test execution recording. A way to show the developers the findings/defects found in a comprehensive and visual way.

Testuff does exactly this, helping you with your exploratory testing. And we’re always making sure to add and enhance it around this important methodology, including in this month’s new version. During the years we’ve implemented many industry-unique features, making your (exploratory) testing better, easier and faster. Our new version includes fine-tuning of some of them, one example is the synchronization of the test in the Test Runner and its latest edited version.

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

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