We’re like that runner who said, when asked for his winning tactics: “I start the fastest I can, and then run faster”… we’ve been running fast for a decade now and are feeling great and ready to run even faster now. Making the best test management solution even better, fine tuning its many features, and working with our users to add new ones. See below what we have for you this month, and stay tuned for more to come.

Here’s the list of enhancements for this month’s version:

Test Planning

You know you can assign tests to a specific tester, but assigning tests can be to all team members, by assigning tests to All testers. This helps when tests are executed by a first available tester type of work. And now a new No Tester box, in the Labs screen, will help you to better manage these tests, and see which are not assigned to a specific tester.

Recording Videos

Testuff unique embedded video recorder *, in the Test Runner, includes new features which allow you to easily save videos, for any test result and status:

  • Save as many video files on a test run
  • Save videos of any test result

The automatic storing of videos for failed steps is still available of course. Together with the new options, you can better communicate your execution results, store evidence of any action while testing and keep records for future reference.

* Desktop client (launch the recorder as a stand-alone app for the web-app)

More in this version:

  • Making your work easier, faster and more efficient:
    • Tests: Copy and Delete selection, are supported now on the Operate on all menu.
    • Requirements and Defects: Import of multiple tracker tickets at once, was made available on the web-app. Similar to how it works on the desktop-client, just add ticket IDs and import them all, with one click.
  • Localization – work in your own language: The latest addition to a growing list of supported languages is Russian. Joining English, Spanish, German and French. Welcome Russian speaking users.

    Пришло время насладиться Testuff на вашем родном языке!

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

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