This is an unusual post for many reasons. It starts with an apology, moves to a brief announcement, and ends with a hearty pat on the back.

Get ready.

Sorry to Our Loyal Test Case Management Software Readers

A handful of you rely on our regular blog updates, and last week, we dropped the ball. There was no post – no light reading to get you through the day. And we apologize.

But we can explain. On to our big announcement.

In with the Old and In with the New – Testuff Software Update 1.51

The reason last week was blog-less was because we were hard at work on the most recent test management system release – Testuff 1.51.

This is not one of our normal monthly releases. No. Part retrofit and part upgrade, it reincorporates many of the features we removed in our prior release while still delivering much of the functionality the community needs to move forward.

I’ll be the first to admit, some of the changes we implemented in the prior release weren’t ready for primetime. These changes were structurally sound, but their inclusion required that we dramatically alter some of the functionality to which many of you had grown accustomed (see here for more).

This was a mistake, and perhaps deserves an apology of its own.

We always listen to our users, but in our eagerness to implement some really big ideas, we should have surveyed more of you.

Fortunately, we quickly recovered from this brief detour and delivered one of our best releases to date.

All this was possible thanks to 3 of our greatest assets:

  • An active community that isn’t shy about sharing feedback – solicited or not. This is actually a major pillar of the entire Testuff ecosystem. Without you guys, we would be… well… we would be like every other software testing platform out there.
  • A SaaS business model that allows for incremental improvements to our test management system. All of the coding and updates happen on our end, minimizing maintenance and upkeep on yours.
  • An Agile outlook – both in our software test development and in our general mindset. When combined with the first 2 assets, this agility permits us to adjust course – even when doing so requires an unscheduled release in the middle of the month. All releases are group efforts, and nothing is set in stone (except our commitment to you).

It’s been a busy few weeks, but Version 1.51 proves that we listen to your feedback and will leverage whatever resources are required to equip you with the tools you need.

A Pat on the Back – Test Case Management Software Release #50

We just celebrated our 50th consecutive monthly software test management release – a major milestone for us at Testuff.

Some updates were minor, others substantial, but we’re incredibly proud of our consistent and perpetual improvements.

Admittedly, we can’t take all the credit.

None of this would have been possible without the thousands of users out there who continue to push us, encourage us, and I daresay, test us. You are the fuel that drives this great engine – we’re simply conductors helping to keep Testuff on course.

So thanks for all of your input and feedback over the years. And get ready for many more months of minor, major, and revolutionary updates to our community-driven test case management software.

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